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Astrological Predictions for 2017
For Aries, feeling trapped due to training, long-distance travel, publishing, or legal reasons. Stardust luck in relationships! Get married or business merge!
For Taurus, challenge in investment, loan, or sexual intimacy. Amazing luck in getting a dream job or health improvement.
For Gemini, challenge in relationships! Incredible luck in creative projects, your child’s achievements, pregnancy, or romance!
For Cancer, challenge in your job or health. Home and family blessings!
For Leo, struggling in romance, with your children, pregnancy, or creative projects. Applause in communication projects!
For Virgo, challenge in home and family. Fireworks in increasing income.
For Libra, work on communication. Your turn to shine! You are in the spotlight!
For Scorpio, challenge in making money. Luck comes through your faith.
For Sagittarius, personal challenge. Your dreams come true!
For Capricorn, time to turn to God! Listen. Your career skyrockets!
For Aquarius, struggling to make your dreams come true. Luck in feeling free through long-distance travel, publishing, training you give or receive, or court proceedings.
For Pisces, climbing the mountain of your career with struggle. Win the lotto! Sexual intimacy hits the roof!
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Predictions for 2016

Aries- Challenge in trips, court, publishing, or training. Dream job and marriage.
Taurus- Challenge in sex and loans. Creative job, your children, romance, and health shines. The birth of baby or birth a hit song.
Gemini- Challenge in relationships. Family fun. Home blessings. Creative projects, romance, or your children shine. You get pregnant or birth a hit song.
Cancer- challenge is your job and health. You compose a hit song. Your words are powerful. You get a dream home.
Leo- challenge in romance, creativity, or your children. Money-making is like diamonds raining down. Get applause for your performance.
Virgo- Your time to shine and earn huge money. Challenge is home and family.
Libra-Your time to shine after much introspection. Wishes come true. Communication is a challenge.
Scorpio- challenge is earning money. Dreams come true. Go within and meditate. VIPS help you secretly.
Sagittarius- Challenge and prestige go hand in hand. Hard work pays off. Career accolades, recognition, and achievement. Dreams come true!
Capricorn- challenge is to slow down. Turn to God. Travel is favored. Publishing, court, or training takes you to a higher level. Your career skyrockets!
Aquarius- challenge is your friends and dreams coming true. Win lotto! Dynamite sex! Win trip! Get published! Win court case! Freedom! Classes you give grow and you grow with knowledge!
Pisces- Your challenge is your career. You get married and have fireworks sex, or win the lotto!
“We are Spirit! We have no limits!” Visit

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