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Sylvia Delua Saenz Espiricueta, born in Chicago, Ill. She

grew up in Chicago, and McAllen, TX. First song ever written was at

age 11 in McAllen, TX entitled “I Saw a Martian,” which later became

runner-up for Song of the Year in 2008 in Adult Contemporary.

Those who have experienced Sylvia agree she can rock

the house. Bo Peep, music promoter, said: “you’re like an angel,

you’re spiritual, you reached me, “ in Vidalia, Georgia, 2003. In her

very 1

st showcase, Music for Life, in Vidalia, Georgia, she received a

standing ovation, from the beginning to the end of her song, “Breathe

thru Me,” with clapping, cheering, and screaming applause, after her

production of her CD “After the Rain Comes the Sun” -Sylvia Delua

Saenz Espiricueta.

Sylvia started her professional music career in March 2001,

singing her radio commercial jingle for Aamatic Transmissions. Since

childhood she had composed over 300 songs, and is author to 4

books. She is currently a licensed Brain Gym Consultant, and an

elementary school counselor. Her songs are being played around the

world with Diamond Back Records.

She has performed in Fort Worth and Joshua Opries

musical festival, open-mics, and musical showcases.

Considering herself a creative genius, she has an

unquenchable desire to reach the souls of audiences.

Education: M.Ed. Degree Counseling and Guidance

Experience: Disc Jockey, Commercial Artist, Script Writer, Jingle

Writer, Author, Singer/Songwriter, Poet

Skills: Bilingual—Spanish and English

Accomplishments: 2003, 2008, 2010 Honorable Mention Billboard

2004- 2

nd place in USA for Fesitval de la Cancion

2005, 2007, 2008 Song of the Year International Finalist


th place in American Idol Underground on the internet as a


2007-UK Finalist as a singer/songwriter

2010-#36 “You’re Here ‘Cause I want you to be Here” in the

Independent Inspirational Chart with Diamond Back Records and

in 2011 #32 with “Breath thru Me” and #34 with “I know you Could”

2011-nominated for Songwriter of the Year by Song of the Year

2011-top 100 out of 10,000 in X-Factor in Dallas, TX

2012 on National TV Tengo Talento Mucho Talento
2013 ReverbNation #2 under Delua
2014 ReverbNation #1 under Delua

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