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After the Rain Comes the Sun CD  $12.88, or download for 88 cents a single or $6.88 the whole CD, which benefits: for some it helps insomia, for others it gives energy   Now offering soulprint songs about your unique soul to inspire you to surrender to God and watch God take over in huge positive way! Limited time $88.88.

2013 New Moon to Full Moon e-book $1.88 to know when to plant seeds and when you will reap reward.

Teach to Reach Book $12.88  simple guide to know how to motivate students

Songs about “Motivating the Future” only 88 cents each or all seven songs for $4.99 ($1.17 less)
1) Failure’s Not an Option
2) That’s Why I’m Healthy (good for Red Ribbon Week-Drug-Free Week)
3) Marching on to Exemplary
4) Yes, I am Ready
5) I Believe in Believing

plus “16 de septiembre,” patriotic song for Mexico in Spanish and English

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