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“great song , good lyrics, you must have been inspired” (my original song: Forgotten Soldier You Will Not Be”)
– NBC Producer
– The Voice

“you have a gift, you sing with emotion, few can do that”
– Fort Worth Opry, fan

“your voice is worth a million dollars; I love your voice; your voice could stop traffic”  Jim Wesson, Gospel Hall of Fame

“you’re spiritual, you’re like an angel,  you reached me”   Bo Peep Music Promoter

“you did a great job”  Robert, America’s Got Talent Producer

“they’re going to snatch you ; you’re really good; you;re going to make it really big”  Octavia, fan”

“who are you?    you are very talented; you have stage presence; so much fun to watch”   Joe, fan

  Hi Sylvia:
I listened to the Soul Print Song on JIL.

Here’s the testimonial:

“A personalized soul print song is healing-meditative music designed specifically for your soul. It’s a beautiful reminder of who you truly are.”

Thanks again,


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